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Hanging Mechanical Dial Scale, 100-Pound Zenport AZDH100 Hanging mechanical dial scale 100-pound, harvest knife, onion shears, tree loppers, vine and light tree lopper, orchard tree lopper, landscape tree lopper, Harvest Shear, professional, discount, hand tools, orchard, vineyard, landscape, shear, onion shears, hand pruners, harvest knives, fruit shears, harvest shears, hoes, row crop, knives, loppers, vine lopper, orchard lopper, machetes, picking bags, pole pruners, saws, scales, scissors, scythes, scythe, sickles, sickle, umbrellas, canopies, garden tools, parts, plant tie, accessories, grapefork, safety supplies, books, tapener, tapetool, zenport, For Weighing Fruits And Vegetables

Hanging Mechanical Dial Scale, 100-Pound (AZDH100)

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Zenport ADZH100 Accuzen hanging mechanical spring dial scale accurately measures weight of grain, herbs, food, produce, metals and packaged goods. The scale features a dual read out of pounds plus ounces and kilograms on the dial face. The scale's...
Reviews 1-0 of 0
Reviews 1-0 of 0