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    Item #: ZL88
    UPC #: 710465573673
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    The Zenport? TapeTool ZL88 vine tying tape tool is an all new complete improved redesign! Effortless use! This tool is designed for rapid frustration free tying of vineyard vines, nursery trees or any plant that needs to be secured to a stake or trellis wire. This tool uses .5 inch wide 100 foot rolls of vinyl plant tie tape secured with a staple.

    Overall the mechanism is more efficient and only requires half the force to clinch! New Zenport? design features less issues with staples jamming and dramatically improved tape flow. Cutting blade redesign cuts the plant tying tape more efficiently and is much much easier and safer to change. The redesigned cutting blade features a new applicator that eliminates clunky needle nose pliers, cut fingers and premature wearing of the mechanism.

    This plant tying tool is 24% lighter than the previous version. You cannot remove the attached staple push rod, making it pretty much impossible to lose the rod and staples.

    There is a BIG difference from other Tape Tools on the market:

    • Lighter!
    • Faster!
    • Easier!
    • Less Money!


    • Saves time and provides a secure plant tie
    • Very fast, very tidy and highly professional presentation
    • Tie tape and staples are compatible with other previous generation Tape Tools
    • Zenport? makes ALL parts and components available to maintain your Tape Tool for many years
    • Provides a fantastic value for money

    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Harmful Chemicals and Harmful Compounds, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to